Frequently Asked Questions


What is National Card and Payment Scheme Bcard?

Bcard is the brand of the Bulgarian National Card and Payment Scheme, which functions as part of BORICA AD and in which management take part all payment service providers, licensed by the BNB.

In 2016 the BNB granted authorization to the NCPS for operation. The main mission is creating conditions, rules and procedures for interoperability of the systems and processes, related to electronic card payments and creating new products and services that provide cheap, appropriate and convenient solutions, meeting the needs of different sectors of the economy and business in Bulgaria.

Who can participate in the Scheme?

Participant with full or limited membership of the Scheme may be any payment service provider, licensed by the BNB that has concluded an agreement for issuance and acceptance of Bcard payment cards (full membership) or an agreement for acceptance only (limited membership). All other service providers, different from payment service providers, may participate in the Scheme as Issuers of cards accepted in a limited network.

Which Bcard products can be issued and accepted on the Bulgarian market?

From the point of view of the payment function, the Bcard brand offers debit, credit and prepaid cards - issued to individuals or legal entities as personal or company cards.

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Which are the payment service providers issuing Bcard cards?

Central Cooperative Bank

Easy Payment Services

BNP Paribas S.A. - Sofia Branch

Where the Bcard products can be used?

Bcard payment cards can be used on the territory of Bulgaria, at all ATM and POS terminals with the Bcard or Borica logo displayed.

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How many commercial facilities in Bulgaria accept Bcard?

Over 70,000 commercial facilities in the country accept Bcard and more than 85,000 POS terminals.

With what technology are the Bcard cards issued and is it safe?

Cards are issued with chip technology, and copying a chip and transferring data to another device is impossible. Bcard cards do not contain any data recorded on the magnetic stripе and this completely protects the card from the modern ways of skimming.

Are the Bcard cards accepted on the Internet and on which web sites?

The cards are accepted in all Bulgarian web sites with the Bcard or Borica logo displayed.

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How to dispute a transaction made by my Bcard?

You need to contact the financial institution that has issued your card. Only it has a detailed information about the transaction, as well as for the terms and conditions related to the dispute.

What should I do if I make a payment to a merchant, but I do not receive the goods or service. described by them?

If you do not receive the goods or service paid by you or they do not match the description provided by the merchant at the time of payment, you should first try to contact the merchant and resolve the situation. If you fail to come to an agreement, you should contact the financial institution that has issued your card to dispute the transaction.

What are the Bcard cards accepted in a limited network?

Bcard cards accepted in a limited network are issued by service providers with a different scope of activity and are accepted at the commercial facilities of the existing POS terminal devices and infrastructure, and the transactions are serviced by the merchant in the same way as those executed with payment cards, issued by payment service providers. Bcard cards accepted in a limited network may be only used in a way, strictly defined by the Issuer - to acquire a particular type of goods or services at a limited network of suppliers/merchants or terminal devices.

Who can become an Issuer in a limited network?

Bcard issuer in a limited network may be any service provider - a merchant, an institution, an organization, etc., which activity takes place on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and is registered under the Bulgarian law.