Issuing Bcard cards accepted in a limited network


Issuing Bcard cards accepted in a limited network

The Bcard National Card Scheme’s program for card issuance in a limited network enables all service providers to become Bcard card issuers and, together with merchants, to develop and offer products with a variety of direct funding mechanisms:

  • loading electronic food vouchers
  • loyalty programs with preferences and discounts
  • prepaid gift cards
  • fuel cards and delayed payment servicе

Issuer of Bcard cards, accepted in a limited network, may be any service provider – a merchant, an institution, an organization, etc., which activity is performed on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and is registered under the Bulgarian law.

Bcard card payments accepted in a limited network

Bcard cards in a limited network are accepted from merchants having POS terminal devices and infrastructure. Transactions are serviced by the merchant in the same way as those executed with payment cards, issued by payment service providers.

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