Acceptance by merchants


Acceptance of payments with Bcard payment cards

All payment service providers on the Bulgarian market, which offer card payment services, also acquire payment transactions with the National Card Scheme’s cards – Bcard.

If you are a merchant, and you would like to have a Bcard POS Terminal installed so as to accept Bcard payments, or if you already have one and you want to find out more about the conditions under which these cards are accepted, please contact your servicing bank that manages your business account and POS terminal device.

Usually the information related to the acceptance of card payments is provided by the servicing bank in a contract, general terms, manual, brochure, etc.

Each of the Bcard payment products, accepted at your POS terminal, is clearly identified with a product identifier: debit, credit, prepaid or business card. The terms and procedures for acceptance (commissions, restrictions, brand recognition) should be received by your bank.


Branding standards for using the Scheme’s brand

All National Card and Payment Scheme’s cards have Bcard logo displayed on them and the corresponding product identifier, if they are payment cards.

The logo elements (pad, graphics, text) and their connection should not be changed under any circumstances except in the cases listed below.

The proportions of the logo must be kept, regardless of the place and size of usage.

For more information about the logo types and usage, open the documents below.

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