Directorate National Card and Payment Scheme


Stoilka Arsova


Stoilka Arsova is Head of "National Card and Payment Scheme". Effective from January 1st 2018 the unit reports directly to the Board of Directors of BORICA AD. Mrs. Arsova has 20 years of experience in the banking sector in the sphere of electronic and card payments. Her career began at Roseximbank in 2001, then in got management positions at the Card Center of DZI Bank and Postbank.

In 2014 she joined the team of BORICA AD, where she headed the newly formed "National Card Scheme". The directorate aims at developing rules and new business models to support the implementation on the Bulgarian market of new services and transactions of national importance, by introducing an entirely Bulgarian card for payments with the Bcard logo and payment instruments for instant payments by account in account with the Blink logo.

Since the beginning of 2017, Ms. Arsova represents the Scheme on the Board of the European Card Payments Association (ECPA), and since April 2020 - on the Board of the European Cooperative Card Payments (ECPC).